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Senorita Tani❤️

Meet Tani, she is a 3+ month old rescue puppy that joined our family couple of weeks ago. She is adorable, full of energy and fits right in 😍 

You can follow her, and her big sister Tess, adventures, on Facebook and Instagram

Review of the month

I am stunned at the results

"I've been giving Maxxiomega to my two dogs for about 10 weeks now, mainly to help improve their itchy skin and lifeless coats. My younger dog, in particular, suffered a dramatic change in the texture and appearance of her coat after being spayed at the age of one year. Within a few weeks her beautiful soft shiny coat had changed completely to something resembling dry cotton wool, impossible to brush through and prone to matting easily when wet. She also started scratching all the time. In addition to this, she started putting on weight which would not budge, despite a carefully controlled vet-recommended diet and long daily walks. She is now four years old and I had come to accept that the weight issue would be permanent so I concentrated on simply trying to improve her coat. Well, after just a few week of using the product I am stunned at the results. Not only do both of my dogs have much smoother, shinier, less itchy coats, but my younger dog is actually losing weight! She is much healthier, more sprightly and definitely more dog-shaped than barrel-shaped. I can only put the effect down to the addition of Maxxiomega as this has been the only change to her diet."


Video of the month

What our customers say about maxxiSAMe for dogs

maxxipaws customers share their experience of using maxxiSAMe for dogs. maxxiSAMe is a wonderful supplement for senior dogs and dogs suffering from liver health issues and cognitive dysfunction. As well as supporting canine liver health and cognitive function, maxxiSAMe offers valuable joint support and boosts moods, making it an ideal health support for older pets as can significantly improve their quality of life.

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