maxxiflex+ Dog Joint Supplement

A joint-healthy lifestyle supported with a powerful supplement

Building a joint-healthy lifestyle for your dog, starts the very first day you bring your dog home. Finding a veterinarian you trust, a healthy diet your dog loves, and keeping your dog active to maintain a healthy weight all play an important part in proper joint health.

Reinforce those efforts with a daily dose of maxxiflex+, a complex joint supplement specifically formulated for dogs to support healthy joint function and alleviate joint pain. Joint discomfort and stiffness may be a part of life, but they do not have to slow your dog down.

maxxiflex+ dog joint supplement aids stiff joints, supports joint structure and promotes mobility

Beutiful smiling Golden Retriever uses maxxiflex+ dog joint supplement to prevent future joint problems

Simply our best dog joint supplement formulation in every dose

With maxxiflex+ rest assured that we are giving your dog our best science in every dose. From the very beginning we focused on making our joint supplement the right supplement.

Whether you buy directly from us or from one of our retail partners, you are getting the same supplement each and every time, because we know it’s our best.

Our carefully chosen ingredients include potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidants agents. We start with the basic building blocks of proper joint care including glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM.

Then we add in an additional layer of our own combination of supporting ingredients that have been shown to support comfortable joint movements, i.e. hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, cetylated fatty acids, devils claw, bio active whey protein, and bromelain.

Additionally, we guarantee that all the stated ingredients are present in the product at the date of manufacturing.

Uncompromised quality in every bottle

We make maxxiflex+ with premium quality, human grade, raw materials from trusted suppliers, tested for purity and potency.

We partner with a manufacturer in the United States with more than 50 years of experience in making animal health supplements. Our manufacturer is GMP registered with NSF and an audited member of NASC (National Animal Supplement Council).

And because shelf life has a direct effect on potency, we print the lot number and best by date on every single bottle of maxxiflex+.

Easy to follow dosage instructions for all weight ranges

maxxiflex+ includes premium ingredients that have been carefully selected for maximum efficiency.

Our simple dosage instructions makes joint care easy for pet owners with multiple dogs, no need to buy for different weight ranges.

Together we keep the dog you love on the move

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Because active dogs are happy dogs

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maxxiflex+ dog joint supplement helps to keep dogs active for longer

Dogs love the taste and their owners love the results

Giving dogs medicine can be a challenge. No pet parent wants to find un-swallowed pills under the couch or have their pet run and hide when it comes to medicine.

Our maxxiflex+ chewable liver-flavored tablets are so delicious they can be given as treats or with the food in their dish.

The tablets are uncoated so it is easy to break them into pieces for smaller doses or crush them into powder if so preferred.

What Our Customers Say

maxxiflex+ dog joint supplement for optimal canine joint health


Together we keep the dog you love on the move

Whether the dog you love is happiest walking by your side, running up ahead, or cuddling in for kisses we believe all dogs should move pain-free. With maxxiflex+ build a joint-healthy lifestyle for your dog and help your dog move easier.


  • All the best joint ingredients for dogs
  • Uncompromised quality in every bottle
  • Vital part of a joint-healthy lifestyle

Frequently Ask Questions

about maxxiflex+ joint supplement for dogs

maxxiflex+ dog joint supplement can be given as a treat or put in your dog's meal, whatever your dog prefers. The tablets are uncoated, so it is easy to break them down or crush them into powder if so preferred.

We always recommend introducing any new supplement slowly. This allows your dog to get gradually used to the new taste and texture. 

The dosage instructions are listed on the maxxiflex+ bottle. The recommended daily dosage is for maintenance. For maximum benefit, it is recommended to double the daily amount for the first three weeks. If you are giving more than one tablet per day, then it is good to divide them between AM and PM.

You can see the "Best By" date at the bottom of your maxxiflex+ bottle.

All drugs and supplements have both active and inactive ingredients. The active ingredients are the chemically active substances that produce the desired effects in the body.

While inactive ingredients (or excipients) can support the active ingredients in various ways, e.g. by facilitating absorption, or be for colouring and flavouring purposes.

It can vary how long it takes for natural supplements to work. Some dog owners report immediate effects while for others it may take longer. We recommend allowing between 4 to 8 weeks to see visible results though the supplement will be starting to take effect much sooner than noticeable.

When your dog starts taking dog joint supplement for the first time it is recommended to double the daily dosage for few weeks. This kick starts the beneficial effects. As the dog feels better, he becomes more mobile, and the dosage can be reduced to maintenance level.

In our experience, most dogs happily take maxxiflex+ either as a treat or with food. However, there are always exceptions.

If your dog is not accepting his new dog joint supplement, please contact us directly and we will offer you some additional tips and support. If we cannot together get your dog to happily accepts his new supplement we will fully refund you.

Because no matter how good maxxiflex+ is, it will not work if the dog is not taking it. Fortunately, when we have had the opportunity to work with the owners we have in most cases been successful in getting the dogs to accept their supplements. 

Which is exactly what we both want. For your dog to feel better with the help of our products.

Why is it important to monitor my dog’s movements?

How your dog moves provide valuable information about your dog's joint health. Early detection of joint problems is important, as it is easier to deal with all joint problems in the early stages.

Cartilage degeneration can recur within few months of stop giving dogs their joint supplement. If you plan to stop giving your dog his supplement then it is recommended to do so gradually and closely monitor the effects it has.

Yes, maxxiflex+ joint supplment for dogs is safe for long term usage.

There are though circumstances where you should stop giving your dog any supplement or consult your Vet before continuing. For example, if you have a bitch that is pregnant or nursing (stop), your dog develops other health problems (consult Vet), or if he needs to take NSAID medication (consult Vet).

Where is maxxiflex+ manufactured?

maxxiflex+ dog joint supplement is made in the USA in GMP and NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) certified manufacturing facility. maxxiflex+ contains only premium grade ingredients, tested for freshness, purity, and potency.

If your dog suffers from joint problems, then you may have to adjust his diet as some food can contribute to joint inflammation. It is also important not to over-feed your dog. Being overweight causes additional strain on the joints and escalates the joint problems.

It is important to keep your dog moving even if your dog is experiencing some joint discomfort. Just adjust your exercise routine to fit his needs. Gentle exercise will help to lubricate the joints and make him feel better. The worst thing you can do for your dog is to stop him moving. So keep your dog moving for as long as possible.

A few minor changes in your dog's environment can also have a major impact on your dog's joint health. Like providing a dog ramp for easy access in and out of the car. You can also get "dog leggings" to keep elbows, hocks or wrists warm. Make sure your dog's bed is comfortable. Orthopaedic beds offer great joint support and pain relief by reducing the pressure.

Finally, download our brochure '7 Tips to Support Dog Joint Health', see below.

7 Tips to Support Dog Joint Health 
Good dog joint care starts when your dog is a puppy. It is though never too late to start caring for your dog's joints.
The best way to deal with any health issues is to try to prevent them before they occur. There are a number of ways you can try to prevent, or delay, joint pain and stiffness.  

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Because active dogs are happy dogs

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Together we keep the dog you love on the move

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