Probiotics for Dogs

There is no question about it, healthier gut means healthier dog, and nothing enhances our dog’s digestive health as much as probiotics for dogs

Probiotics for dogs are very important for the dog’s overall health and wellbeing

Probiotics help to maintain desirable balance of intestinal bacteria

What Are Probiotics for Dogs?

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that live in the digestive tract of dogs. Dogs have billions of these friendly gut bacteria that promote health and prevent disease by balancing the internal environment. These good bacteria can also be found in fermented foods and in supplements. 

Probiotics are very important for the dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Among other, probiotics help to break down food, fight infections, strengthen the immune system, and make nutrients and vitamins. 

Why Should You Give Your Dog Probiotics?

Maybe the first question is, does your dog need probiotics? If the dog is healthy, shouldn’t he be able to maintain naturally the balance of digestive microbes?

Yes, he should but unfortunately, there are so many things that can quickly cause imbalance, for example illnesses, stress or just aging. Bacterial imbalance can also occur if the dog is on antibiotics or medication, or if the dog has been exposed to toxins. 

Then there is the dog’s diet. Does it support the right balance of intestinal bacteria? For example, diet high in starch or fat can result in bacterial imbalance. 

Probiotics supplementation can help to maintain desirable balance of intestinal bacteria. Adding beneficial gut bacteria (probiotics) promotes healthy GI tract and supports the immune system, meaning most dogs can benefit from probiotics being added to their diet.

What’s more, probiotics offers valuable support to dogs suffering from various health issues linked to shifts in the bacterial population in the dog’s microbiome, like:

- Leaky gut (Dysbiosis)

- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

- Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

- Gastrointestinal Disorders (GI Disorders)

- Yeast Infections

- Atopic Dermatitis

- Allergies

- Urinary tract infections (UTI)

- Acute Infections Diarrhea 

- Colitis  

- Pancreatitis

- Obesity 

Probiotics for dogs help to maintain desirable balance of intestinal bacteria

“The health and well-being of companion animals, just as their owners, depends on the gut microbes. Providing a proper care and nutritionally balanced diet to companion animals is recognised as a part of our responsibility to maintain the health and well being of our pet”



What Are the Best Probiotics for Dogs?

Not all probiotics are equal and not all probiotics are as suitable for dogs as others are. This is because of the acidic stomach environment in our dogs and cats, but their pH level is between 1-2 but lower pH means higher acidity. 

This high stomach acidity means that not all probiotics make it to the GI tract where they are needed. Which obviously renters them of little value to dogs and cats. 

The best probiotics for dogs are species specific strains of canine probiotics like Enterococcus faecium and Pediococcus acidilactici. These are canine probiotics that have been shown to survive the acidity of the dog’s gut. 

What About Prebiotics for Dogs?

Does Your Dog Need Prebiotics Too? 

Yes, he does. But first, what is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics for dogs? 

Probiotics for dogs are “good” bacteria that help to keep the dog’s digestive system healthy by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria. While prebiotics for dogs are carbohydrates that nourish and promote the growth of the good bacteria already living in the colon.

So simply put, prebiotics are food for probiotics. Your dog therefore needs prebiotics to feed the good bacteria that is necessary for his overall health and wellbeing. 

This is why good quality probiotic supplements include prebiotics as well, as it makes sure your dog gets the most out of his probiotic supplement. 


Because healthier gut means healthier dog

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Because healthier gut means healthier dog

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