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  • Have tried my dog Holly on these. In the past whenever fireworks were going off she would pull back towards the house instead of having a wee on the grass verge. She has been on these over the weekend and bonfire night she actually went out on a lead when fireworks were going off in the distance, it didn't frighten her at all. In the house over the weekend, she slept without problem. Would definitely recommend these to other dog lovers. Best product I ever got.  

    Ms. Katherine Sykes

    Swear by this product... Absolutely brilliant for my dog, who suffers with really bad anxiety when it comes to whistles, beeps, fireworks, fire alarms ect. Started her on these almost a year ago and I have seen a massive change in her behaviours and temperament. Yes you may think that they are a little expensive, but we went to the vets before purchasing these and the vets were charging from £48 to £58 for 30 tablets.


    We gave her 2 a day and could see a slight improvement, which increased as time went on. 3 weeks later was bonfire night and we were astounded to find her sleeping through the fireworks!!! She is no longer trying to hide behind TV, is not bothering about outside noises and is toiletting outside without a struggle. We have even managed to walk her a few times recently (without freaking out etc).

    Corrine M

    • Natural calming aid for dogs can help anxious dogs feel more relaxed generally and cope better in situations they find stressful
    • Calming aids can also help dog owners managing various behavioural problems
    • It is important to remember that it is NOT a ‘cure’, but an aid to help dogs cope better and make it easier for their owners to work with them on their anxieties and issues
    • It can vary how long it takes for any supplement to work
    • It depends on the dog, what the issue is, how severe it is and what other strategies the owner is using alongside
    • Many owners report quick results, but for others it can take longer
    • Recommended daily serving is shown at the back of the label (1 tablet per 1O kg / 25 lb body weight)
    • However, how much each dog needs per day often depends on the severity of their particular issues
    • When you give the daily servings can also influence the results you experience
    • We at maxxipaws are happy to work with you to find the right serving and administration times for your dog 
    • That depends on your dog and the issues he is dealing with
    • If your dog is anxious or suffering from traumatic experience then you can safely use maxxicalm daily for the rest of your dogs life
    • If your dog is generally balanced but copes badly in certain circumstances, like going to the Vet, travelling, fireworks, then you can use maxxicalm only to deal with these particular situations. However, in those cases if possible then it will help to start using maxxicalm at least few days before the dreaded event
    • Anxious situations, e.g. when the dog is being left home alone (separation anxiety), or there are changes in the household 
    • Stressful situations, e.g. fireworks and thunderstorms 
    • Unfamiliar surroundings, e.g. when the dog is going to the Vet, grooming saloon, or being looked after by dog sitter 
    • New home, e.g. when the dog is being re-homed, or the family is moving to a new house 
    • Travelling, e.g. by car or flying 
    • Behavioural problems, e.g. to help manage hyperactivity  
    • Unwanted or unruly behaviour, e.g. destructive behaviour when the dog is left alone (common in dogs suffering from separation anxiety or hyper dogs)
    What support can I get from maxxipaws?
    • We have long experience of working with dog owners like yourself which allows us to offer you some practical advice about dosages and administration
    • We are also happy to discuss and brainstorm with you different strategies on how to work with your dog on his issues 
    • And if feel our product is not working for your dog with our support, then we will happily refund your first bottle, because we both want the same, to help your dog to relax and make it easier for you to work with your dog on his issues
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