Dear maxxipaws community,

As pet owners ourselves, when we founded maxxidog in the fall of 2013 as a family owned business, we promised to hold steady to our founding principles. First, the health of the pets we make supplements for is our highest concern. We will never compromise on the quality of our ingredients or our manufacturing. Second, we will always support our pet owners as part of our community. Whether they need help navigating the complicated world of pet supplements or just a listening ear. Third, we will never loose site of the fact that caring for the health of your pet means more than giving a supplement. And finally, we will give back to the animal charity community, so that our global community of animals and the people that love them, are supported in their tireless efforts.

With 2018, we are pleased to say that while we are now more than maxxiflex+, our principles remain the same. To recognize how we have transformed in these five years, we are expanding our legacy and changing our name to maxxipaws. With our new name, will come brand new products, made under the same founding principles. We look forward to welcoming even more pets and pet owners into our community and hope you will join us!

Trust. Loyalty. Reliability. Care. Passion.


Asa, Birgir, Molly and Tess

maxxipaws founders

Our products and manufacturing

In 2013, we partnered with a United States based animal supplements manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience. It was clear that their commitment to quality and integrity aligned with ours. Their facilities are GMP registered and FDA compliant. They’re also a founding and audited member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), which drives to promote the health and well-being of pets by improving the process in which supplements are made and regulated. Together, most of our ingredients are of human grade, and meet strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure their quality and potency. Learn more with our certificates of analysis.

Our community

When you choose to give your beloved pet a maxxipaws supplement, you’re joining our family and a community of pet owners from across Europe and North-America. As pet owners, we know the anxiety that comes with giving your pet something new, that’s why we promise that you will always be able to reach us directly with any questions. And as part of our community we’re happy to connect pet owners from around the world to answer questions and swap stories.

Our care

With maxxipaws, we know that pet ownership is more than giving a supplement. It’s about caring for your whole pet, which is why we support creating care plans for any issue your dog or cat faces with your veterinarian. And we’ve created a whole library of information available on our website to help you address common pet issues. Whether you and your puppy join us with maxxiomega for a healthy coat, or you and your cat join us for maxxidigest+, we want to support you just the same.

Our charity

Each month members of our maxxiclub community join together to nominate and choose an animal well-being charity to receive a monetary donation from maxxipaws. These charities are vital to ensuring the health of pets experiencing huge transitions, and we want to support the pet lovers making it possible. Learn more about how you can nominate and vote for a pet charity of the month in maxxiclub.

Our story

In 2013, we were at a crossroads in our professional lives. We had been working for ourselves for a number of years in the online environment, and we were ready to make a change. At the same time, we were actively searching for a joint supplement for our dog Molly. We had noticed that she was stiffening up quickly after fetch and she was slowing down in agility class. Unable to find a joint supplement that met our standards, we came across a manufacturing company in the United States that made pet supplements. We approached them to partner together and thus, maxxidog was founded for us and our girl Molly with maxxiflex+.

Back then, the timing was perfect for us to combine our passion as pet owners with our personal backgrounds in business. With Asa’s background in logistics and finance and Birgir’s experience in IT and project management we set about forming a company that we could be passionate about together.

When we met decades ago as Icelandic natives at university we could have never imagined that we would be running our own pet supplements company in the United Kingdom. Now, we can honestly say that we love what we do. Everyday we meet pet owners from across the world and get to help them care for their pets with supplements that we happily give to our own dogs, Molly and Tess.

Our dogs

We adopted Molly, a rescue from Dogs Trust, as our first dog together in 2009. Our beautiful, clever and energetic Sprollie (Spaniel and Border Collie mix) loved our daily walks together. However, we soon noticed that despite long walks and lots of ball chasing our Molly was steadily gaining weight.

Our veterinarian confirmed our suspicions, our 18-month-old rescue was pregnant. And on Christmas Eve 2009, Molly expanded our by eight. The rescue center helped us find new homes for seven of the puppies, and we could not resist keeping one ourselves as well. That’s how Tess joined our family. Looking back, we cannot fathom only having one dog, Molly and Tess together is how it was supposed to be all along.

Molly and Tess are as much a part of maxxipaws, as we are. They are the inspiration for which products we develop next; the taste testers for every supplement; the models for much of our original packaging; and the reason we have so many informative articles on pet care on our site. In short, Molly and Tess are our family, and we know that your pets are as important to you as they are to us.