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  • My 16 year old dog is on these and its given him a new lease of life! He has bad arthritis but this really helps with both that and his overall all health. He definitely has more energy when he is on them and is happier.


    She appears to be pain free, running going up and down the stairs like a puppy, and she can get up off the floor or her bed with no problem! Maybe I should start taking this stuff myself!


    Fab stuff been using this for a few months for my springer with arthritis. I ran out recently and noticed a difference in his mobility after a week without maxxiflex

    Bev Ogden

    • It can vary how long it takes for natural supplements to work. Some dog owners report immediate effects while for others it may take longer

    • We   recommend allowing between 4 to 8 weeks to see visible results though the   supplement will be starting to take effect much sooner than noticeable  
    • When your dog starts taking dog joint supplement for the first time it is recommended to double the daily dosage for few weeks. This kick starts the beneficial effects
    • As the dog feels better, he becomes more mobile, and the dosage can be reduced to maintenance level
    • Recommended daily serving is shown at the back of the bottle (1 tablet per 1O kg / 25 lb body weight)
    • However, dogs with severe joint health issues may benefit from slightly increased dose while healthy dogs on preventive dose can use less
    • We at maxxipaws are happy to work with you to find the right serving and administration times for your dog 
    What happens if I stop giving my dog joint supplement?
    • Cartilage degeneration can recur within few months of stop giving dogs   their joint supplement  

    • If you plan to stop giving your dog his supplement then it is recommended to do so gradually and closely monitor the effects it has 
    • Yes, maxxiflex+ joint supplment for dogs is safe for long term usage 
    • There are though circumstances where you should stop giving your dog any supplement or consult your Vet before continuing. For example, if you have a bitch that is pregnant or nursing (stop), your dog develops other health problems (consult Vet), or if he needs to take NSAID medication (consult Vet)
    • If your dog suffers from joint problems, then you may have to adjust his diet as some food can contribute to joint inflammation. It is also important not to over-feed your dog. Being overweight causes additional strain on the joints and escalates the joint problems
    • It is important to keep your dog moving even if your dog is experiencing some joint discomfort. Just adjust your exercise routine to fit his needs. Gentle exercise will help to lubricate the joints and make him feel better. The worst thing you can do for your dog is to stop him moving. So keep your dog moving for as long as possible
    • A few minor changes in your dog's environment can also have a major impact on your dog's joint health. Like providing a dog ramp for easy access in and out of the car. You can also get "dog leggings" to keep elbows, hocks or wrists warm. Make sure your dog's bed is comfortable. Orthopaedic beds offer great joint support and pain relief by reducing the pressure
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