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Charity 1

  • The Gift of Life Cat Rescue is dedicated to saving abandoned, stray or abused cats and kittens either from their lives of hell trying to survive on the streets of Spain or those sadly already in the government pounds (killing stations) waiting, often in awful conditions, to be put to death.
  • “If you ever seen wild cats fighting for their life every day you appreciate what a lovely job this charity does”

  • For more information, visit The Gift of Life Cat Rescue Facebook page.

Charity 2

  • Arundawn focus is on providing rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming for council pound strays from across the country who have served their obligatory 7 days and are facing euthanasia, through no fault of their own.
  • "Excellent small rescue centre, rescuing all types of dogs. We were lucky to Foster two mini schnauzers (brothers) but, immediately adopted them. This charity is sometimes burning at the seams but, always seem to find a space for the latest waif and stray.”

  • For more information, visit Arundawn website.

Charity 3

  • Let’s Adopt International help animals living in extreme conditions, abused animals with terrible injuries resulting from cruelty and animals abandoned with chronic untreated diseases. They work with some of the very best veterinarians to help offer a new life for animals that have lost all hope.

  • "They save animals that are having a very difficult time, they save very serious cases. They do amazing work and in Spain they are doing a great job.”

  • For more information, visit Let’s Adopt International website.

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