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Charity 1

  • Helping Pets (North East) are run by a team of dedicated volunteers, with a mission of rehabilitating and re-homing stray and unwanted animals in the North East (UK)
  • “We are a team of dedicated volunteers. Helping Pets (North-East) does not have any paid members of staff. Everyone who works for, or with us, is an unpaid volunteer.”

  • For more information, visit Helping Pets (North East) website page.

Charity 2

  • Tails of Gray saves the lives of innocent senior dogs left homeless for any reason, providing quality medical care and placing them into loving, responsible and permanent homes. All Tails of Gray senior dogs are spayed and neutered, microchipped and receive appropriate veterinary care and treatment.
  • "It is our belief that the life of each senior dog is important. EACH ONE MATTERS.”

  • For more information, visit Tails of Gray Facebook page.

Charity 3

  • P.E.P.A. is a registered animal charity based largely in the northern Costa Blanca area and inland. P.E.P.A is dedicated to the help and protection of animals in need. We are ready to listen, help and give advice wherever possible.

  • "Do important work in trying to reduce the number of feral cats in the area, as well as finding new homes for dogs and cats that need and deserve good homes”

  • For more information, visit P.E.P.A. website.

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