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Charity 1

  • Transform a Street Dog has been on the ground in Ukraine supporting independent animal rescuers and rescuing homeless animals since 2018. After the war began, we switched gears, and started to organize mass evacuations of animals to enable them to escape the war and be adopted. 
  • “All street dogs deserve to be saved but unfortunately these dogs need it maybe more than some”

  • For more information, visit Transform a Street Dog website page.

Charity 2

  • Adopt a Sicilian Stray volunteer to rescue, look after and find forever homes for as many Sicilian Strays as possible. There are 750,000 stray dogs in Sicily. Many stray dogs are poisoned or die of malnutrition in the first year of their life if they are not taken off the streets.
  • "To date, we have saved over 800 dogs. As a charity, we manage to save on average 100 dogs a year. Whilst many dogs are homed in Malta, some do find their forever homes abroad.”

  • For more information, visit Adopt a Sicilian Stray website.

Charity 3

  • Grateful Hearts Senior Dog Rescue rescues hospice senior dogs from high kill shelters and restores quality of life for the rest of their lives with them.

  • "Our mission is a costly one, both financially and emotionally. But to experience the truest and most honest love of a senior dog, is worth the emotional price we pay when it's time to help them to a better world of no pain and struggling.”

  • For more information, visit Grateful Hearts Senior Dog Rescue website.

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