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Charity 1

  • BARC is an animal rescue charity based on the Costa Blanca Spain. The organisation’s goal is to rescue, care for and, finally, find a home for lost, abandoned or abused animals in Busot. 
  • “In the last six years we have rescued and provided a home or rehabilitated more than 1,000 animals”

  • For more information, visit BARC website page.

Charity 2

  • Amics dels animals de la Noguera is a group of volunteers from the region of La Noguera (Portugal) who, after witnessing with helplessness how our towns and roads are filled with abandoned dogs and cats, decided to form an association to give them shelter and look for a second one family that loves them. 
  • "Our work as animalists does not want to be limited to the care of shelter animals. We also promote respect for animals, promote their defense and report abandonment and abuse.”

  • For more information, visit Amics dels animals de la Noguera website.

Charity 3

  • Catcuddles is a registered charity that is all about promoting and strengthening the feline-human bond and helping pair up unwanted cats with loving forever homes and humans.

  • "A majority of our work is about finding new homes for cats in need. Cats who come to us may be healthy or poorly, in need of affection, attention and rehabilitation, or simply in need of a new loving home”

  • For more information, visit Catcuddles website.

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