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Charity 1

  • Second Chances For Blind Dogs mission is to help as many blind dogs as possible by supplying them with Muffin’s Halo to help them navigate in this world and have a second chance.
  • “Wonderful charity helping dogs that are usually first on the “To Kill List.” Blind dogs can have a great life when given the tools needed.”

  • For more information, visit Second Chances For Blind Dogs Facebook page.

Charity 2

  • Arundawn focus is on providing rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming for council pound strays from across the country who have served their obligatory 7 days and are facing euthanasia, through no fault of their own.
  • "Excellent small rescue centre, rescuing all types of dogs. We were lucky to Foster two mini schnauzers (brothers) but, immediately adopted them. This charity is sometimes burning at the seams but, always seem to find a space for the latest waif and stray.”

  • For more information, visit Arundawn website.

Charity 3

  • Dog Angels is a registered animal charity based Lombardy, Italy. They mainly deal with dogs and cats but are ready to help any animal in difficulty.

  • "We are against abandonment, stray animals, vivisection, import, export and trafficking of animals and any form of exploitation and mistreatment of them, from hunting, to circuses, to furs, to animal fighting, to breeding intensive.”

  • For more information, visit Dog Angels website.

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