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maxxidigest+ for my beautiful pack

"Maxxidigest...what can i say about Maxxidigest? It´s the best supplement for any dog GI tract.

I'm a dog mother of 3, all my dogs are Barf feeded so supplementation is essential to complement natural food. After many hours of searching on the internet, of many, many supplements tested, I found MaxxiPaws, with a range of products of the highest quality. I don't have favourites, they are ALL favourites. In this case for digestion, I haven't found anything better on the market than Maxxidigest. It's perfect, super complete, with excellent results in the GI tract of my dogs, and note that I have a Dalmatian with food allergies, a Boxer with a past of colitis & a German Shepherd with IBS. Maxxidigest is just PERFECT to their daily supplementation & to keep them healthy from Top to Bottom (literally :D).

I reccomend Maxxidigest to all of my Friends & acquaintances from the BARF groups and to everybody that comes to me for advice when their babies have digestion problems. Just LOVE this supplement!

Thanks Maxxipaws for caring so much for our pet's health!

Evora & Suri & Tesla appreciate :)"


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How maxxidigest+ supports your pets digestive & immune health

maxxidigest+ is a 2-for-1 therapeutic formula that contains variety of ingredients that have been carefully selected for their roles in supporting the digestive and immune system in our dogs.

Can restore digestive health, promote healthy mucosal lining, enhance digestion, support healthy gastrointestinal tract, offer diarrhea relief, support normal gut permeability, work as probiotic and prebiotic, help with food sensitivities, combat yeast infection and allergies, improve the hormone function and support the immune system

Weekly winners

Every Monday we randomly select one maxxiclub member for a weekly give-away of any maxxipaws product. The weekly winner is announced on the maxxipaws Facebook page and we also send a personal e-mail to the winner - so look out for our e-mails.

If you were one of this months winners and have not claimed your price yet, please contact us within the next 7 days to do so.

Change to maxxiclub discount policy

As of 1st of August we are making some changes to the maxxi club discount policy. You can still get up to 15% discount of any maxxi paws product.  

If you buy directly from our website you will continue to get 15% off if you buy 2 or more units, and 10% off when you buy 1 unit. 

But we have had to reduce the discount we can offer on Amazon due to increases in Amazon fees and charges. So as of 1st August, you will receive 8% discount on your local Amazon when you buy 2 or more units, and 5% when you buy 1 unit.

You still need to apply the code: BGKINAM2 at check-out to claim your maxxiclub discount on Amazon. 

Remember when shopping on

There is no need to apply the discount code when shopping on our maxxipaws website.

However, to receive the maxxiclub discount, you must log in to your maxxipaws account before placing your order. You will then be charged the discounted maxxiclub price based on the number of units you purchase. 

If you don't log into your account, the system is unable to include the maxxiclub discount to your shopping cart and you will be charged full price.

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