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"Have been purchasing this for years. First started a few years ago for our elderly lab mix dog and noticed a difference in her coat and improvement in her mental status...her periods of confusion here and there seemed to stop. Sadly at almost 14 she passed away from cancer in 2020 but definitely feel this helped her health in her last year(s). We have continued to use this now with our new dog and everyone always comments how soft she is and I credit it to this supplement. And although our dog who passed did not love the taste (we had to sneak it) our new pup doesn't mind it at all. In fact she is more likely to eat her food with this on it then without."


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What do our customers have to say about maxxiSAMe

maxxipaws customers share their experience of using maxxiSAMe for their dogs.

Our customers agree that maxxiSAMe offers effective liver and cognitive support and is a wonderful supplement for aging pets.

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