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"It may seem strange, but I immediately noticed an improvement....and it continues to get better and better 🙏🍀"

If you happen to have written the Review of the Month,

please contact us and we will send a little gesture of gratitude for your beloved pet!


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Video of The Month

How to Help Your Dog Cope Better with Loud Noises

Summer in many countries means firework displays, like July 4th in the USA. Summer also brings thunderstorms to many areas. Meaning summer can be difficult time for dogs that get easily scared by loud noises. 

Check out ou rtips how to help your dog to relax during noisy events like fireworks and thunderstoms. Because-We-Care!


Weekly winners

Every Monday we randomly select one maxxiclub member for a weekly give-away of any maxxipaws product. The weekly winner is announced on the maxxipaws Facebook page and we also send a personal e-mail to the winner - so look out for our e-mails.

If you were one of this months winners and have not claimed your price yet, please contact us within the next 7 days to do so.

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