Review of the month

Avoid vet bills with this!

"This was the only thing that made my boy better, he kept getting urine infections and it cost about £500 in total going back and forward to the vets, I added a bit of this to his food and I’ve had no trouble with him since! We have a happy cat now! Brilliant stuff!"


Video of the month

Fear of Loud Noises (Dog Noise Phobia)

Dog noise phobia is quite common, as most dogs don't like loud noises. In this video, we at maxxipaws go through what dog owners can do the help their dogs to relax during loud events, like fireworks or thunderstorms. 

Some practical tips for 4th July in the USA, Bonfire Night in the UK, summer firework displays and New Years Eve worldwide!

Weekly winners

Every Monday we randomly select one maxxiclub member for a weekly give-away of any maxxipaws product. The weekly winner is announced on the maxxipaws Facebook page and we also send a personal e-mail to the winner - so look out for our e-mails.

If you were one of this months winners and have not claimed your price yet, please contact us within the next 7 days to do so.

maxxiclub discounts

You can get up to 15% discount of any maxxipaws product.  

If you buy directly from our website you will get 15% off if you buy 2 or more units, and 10% off when you buy 1 unit. 

If you buy from Amazon, then you will receive 8% off when you buy 2 or more units, and 5% off when you buy 1 unit.

You need to apply the code: AYXU7RKH at check-out to claim your maxxiclub discount on Amazon. 

Remember when shopping on

There is no need to apply the discount code when shopping on our maxxipaws website.

However, to receive the maxxiclub discount, you must log in to your maxxipaws account before placing your order. You will then be charged the discounted maxxiclub price based on the number of units you purchase. 

If you don't log into your account, the system is unable to include the maxxiclub discount to your shopping cart and you will be charged full price.

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