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"I bought this product last December for my 7-year-old spaniel, diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease in stage B2 in February. The diagnosis was completely unexpected, it occurred during a routine check-up. My little girl is in the preclinical phase, today she does not present symptoms that can be perceived with the naked eye, such as fatigue, exercise intolerance, cough... but her heart had already increased in size due to insufficiency and she has a moderate breath. 

The vet prescribed Cardisure and, after doing some research, I decided to change her diet from feed to cooked food without grains or legumes and supplement with taurine. All of this was consulted with the veterinarian, who was mainly skeptical of supplementation because he considered it unnecessary. Initially I opted for a supplement based on pure taurine from another brand and I took it until last December. I didn't notice any changes, but it seemed normal to me since she had no "visible" symptoms; her daily life continued as before, everything was the same. 

When it was time to order another bottle I stumbled upon this other product and the reviews impressed me, so I decided to try Maxxicardio. It didn't seem cheap to me, but it's not that it has an absurd price either, and as for smell, taste and so on, I can't say much, because my little girl is very tolerant and takes everything with great joy as soon as you decorate it - I add it to her food morning and night, dividing the daily dose into two doses. 

The first and second day that she took it we couldn't go out for a walk, the weather was very bad and those days she simply went out to the patio of the house. The third day we were able to go out... and she surprised me how much she pulled on the leash, how hard, how she sniffed everything - she stepped on her own ears when walking, something she hadn't done in years. 

I didn't think about the supplement and attributed it to two days of boredom at home. But now all walks are like that. It's incredible, as if she had returned at three or four years old: she doesn't walk, she trots; She runs, she plays, she pants much less, the walks are longer... It's hard to keep up with her, like before. She is full of life. 

Thanks to Maxxicardio I have been able to verify that there were symptoms, but they were camouflaged by age and what I thought was the calm of turning years. The best of all is that it is safe in the long term, it has no side effects, it is suitable with medication, the ingredients are natural and safe... At home we are amazed to see her so happy and full of energy (not nervousness, excitement or changes in behaviour). The change is impressive.

At the check-up last November, the disease was stable, without progression. Seeing the rest of the reviews and the very positive results, I will update after the next check-up in spring, but regardless of that, today Maxxicardio is essential for us. 100% recommendable."

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