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Really a Miracle

"My 11 year old dog was showing some signs of canine cognitive disorder. Her main symptom was anxiety at night. She would wine and be very restless and pant and paw at me for attention. At first I thought it was acid reflux which she has had in the past but her normally supplements I gave her for that didn’t work. So I tried the Sam - e well after about a week of giving her some in the morning and evening ( it worked better on a empty stomach, I added to a syringe with water and a little honey ) ALL HER Symptoms were gone. She sleeps through the night like a baby. She is acting a lot younger than she is . I am eternally grateful to this company and product because it has helped my precious pup so much. I will never let it run out."


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The benefits of omega oil for dogs

There are many reasons why omega oil is a great supplement for dogs of all ages. Fatty acids are vital for healthy skin and shiny coat but they also offer mental, digestive, reproductive, pulmonary and joint health benefits for dogs. 

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