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 maxxiflex hip and joint supplement for dogs

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Ageing brings inevitable challenges. As our dogs get older, daily wear and tear affects their joint health.

Joint inflammation and cartilage damage makes movements painful and significantly affects our dog’s quality of life. 


Joint pain is the beginning of a vicious circle.
Inflamed joints makes movements painful, which makes your dog move less, which in turn makes any movement even more painful. 

This cruel cycle of pain does not only affect our dogs’ movements. The constant joint pain and inactivity also affects their mental health.
Constant pain makes our dogs grumpy, and the reduced activity quickly causes weight gain, which makes the problem even worse.   

And we have not even mentioned loss of muscle mass.  

It is therefore much to be gained from supporting our dog’s joint health. Because the problem only gets worse if nothing is done about it!



We at maxxipaws can help your dog

Our maxxiflex+ joint supplement is specifically designed to keep dogs like yours moving by reducing inflammation, lubricating the joints, supporting the cartilage and relieving pain.

My 16 year old dog is on these and its given him a new lease of life! He has bad arthritis but this really helps with both that and his overall all health. He definitely has more energy when he is on them and is happier.


She appears to be pain free, running going up and down the stairs like a puppy, and she can get up off the floor or her bed with no problem! Maybe I should start taking this stuff myself!


Fab stuff been using this for a few months for my springer with arthritis. I ran out recently and noticed a difference in his mobility after a week without maxxiflex

Bev Ogden


Remember, dogs have a higher pain threshold than humans. By the time we observe them limping or hesitating to move, they've been enduring their pain silently for some time.  

The Benefits of maxxiflex+ for Your Dog

With supplements it is all about the ingredients. It is as simple as that.  

The carefully selected ingredients in maxxiflex+ nurture your dog’s joint health by:

- Combating inflammation and swelling

- Lubricating the joints for smoother movement

- Fortifying the cartilage and bone structure

- Providing much-needed pain relief

Reduced inflammation means less joint pain, allowing your dog to move easier and enjoy better quality of life.
Because as every dog owner knows, active dog is a happy dog. 

maxxiflex+ advance hip and joint supplement for dogs


What Our Customers Say

Established in 2014, every month we sell millions of maxxiflex+ tablets to dog owners worldwide.

Our legacy? Enhancing the lives of countless dogs and the families that adore them.

Trusted by Thousands
of dedicated dog owners like you is our most valued asset and that we are immensely proud of. 

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NB. This warehouse deal stock BB date is end of April next year

 maxxiflex+ advanced hip and joint supplement for dogs

OFFER PRICE $18.50* 

(FULL PRICE $36.99)

Apply the coupon code MAXXIFLEX50 to your order during checkout at Amazon  


Because until you have tried maxxiflex+, you don’t know what your dog is missing

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Our commitment extends beyond the product. We are a passionate community of pet lovers. Here for you, here for your dog. Our unified goal? To champion your dog’s quality of life, every step of the way.

So don't hesitate to contact us directly We-Care@maxxipaws.com if you have any questions or if there is anything that we may be able to assist you with. 

But please don’t just take our words for it. This is what our customers have to say….

It helps that customer service is the BEST!  

Karen Bennett

In addition, the customer service with this company is superb - and no, I am not affiliated with them in any way. I am just a happy customer who found a great product by chance, and I am so glad I did!  


I wanted to let everyone know that MaxxiDog has phenomenal customer service!   


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