Have tried my dog Holly on these. In the past whenever fireworks were going off she would pull back towards the house instead of having a wee on the grass verge. She has been on these over the weekend and bonfire night she actually went out on a lead wgen fireworks were going off in the distance, it didn't frighten her at all. In the house over the weekend, she slept without problem. Would definitely recommend these to other dog lovers. Best product I ever got.  

Ms. Katherine Sykes

Swear by this product... Absolutely brilliant for my dog, who suffers with really bad anxiety when it comes to whistles, beeps, fireworks, fire alarms ect. Started her on these almost a year ago and ive seen a massive change in her behaviours and temperament. Yes you may think that they are a little expensive, but we went to the vets before purchasing these and the vets were charging from £48 to £58 for 30 tablets.


We gave her 2 a day and could see a slight improvement, which increased as time went on. 3 weeks later was bonfire night and we were astounded to find her sleeping through the fireworks!!! She is no longer trying to hide behind TV, is not bothering about outside noises and is toiletting outside without a struggle. We have even managed to walk her a few times recently (without freaking out etc).

Corrine M

Helps anxious and nervous dogs relax during stressful situations

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