Wet Nightmare
Personal experience of old dog incontinence problem
12 August, 2020 by
Wet Nightmare
Asa Gislason

We are sure most people that own or have owned senior dogs agree with us. It is very difficult to accept that our lively faithful companions are growing older faster than us. It seems to happen overnight, and it can take us owners a while to accept the fact that our beloved dog is getting old.

And with age new challenges occur. Our beloved pet may be struggling with everyday activities and may get some “old dog” diseases. Urine infection in dogs and dog leaking urine all of a sudden are both common problems in senior dogs. This is about our personal experience of old dog incontinence but first….

What is incontinence in dogs?

Urinary incontinence is when a housetrained dog loses control of his bladder. Some dogs only experience occasional small urine leaks while others loose large amount of urine on a regular basis. Incontinence usually affects middle-aged and older neutered females, but it can also be experienced by intact females and males.

There can be many causes for urinary incontinence in dogs, urinary tract infection is just one of them. Others explanations can be hormonal imbalance, urinary stones, weak bladder sphincter, etc. 

Therefore, if your dog starts dribbling urine or urinating in house, always start by liaising with your Vet.

Our beautiful senior lady with not so fun senior problem

Our Molly is a rescue dog so we don’t know her exact age but this November she has been with us for 11 years so we believe she is +/- 13 years old. 

Beautiful senior dog with incontinence problem

Molly has always been a very healthy and happy dog. She is also very active (being a Collie / Spaniel mix). She loves long walks and of course her ball or the love of her life as we call it. We have though started to notice that she is slowing down somewhat. She is still very active and healthy but she gets tired sooner when playing ball and she sleeps more after long walks. With some difficulties we have come to accept that she is now a respectable senior lady. 

She is growing older gracefully. Her grey hairs make her look wiser and she is still outsmarting her daughter every time. Like we say, her daughter must have gotten her intelligence from her dad. Her mum has hers intact! 

Still, few months ago Molly had a little peeing accident in the house. It was a bit like she was leaking clear odorless fluid. We decided to wait and see if this was a one-off incident, but it soon happened again. We decided to have her checked out as we suspected she might be suffering from canine urinary tract infection and if so then she would have to go on antibiotics to treat it (for more information about UTI symptoms and what you can do about UTI in pets click here).

This was just after the Covid-19 lockdown began so we couldn’t take her to the Vet. So we had to get an urinary sample (quite some fun!) and bring it to the Vet. The results came back and it turned out that she did not have UTI. With her being an older neutered female dog leaking clear odorless fluid, the Vet suspected hormonal imbalance to be causing her incontinence problem.

Our beautiful old dog incontinence click here treatment

The Vet prescribed Estriol dog incontinence medication (Incurin). She said if it would work then Molly would have to take the tablets for the rest of her life. The tablets did work. Once she started taking them there were no dog peeing in house or dribbling urine. 

Estriol dog incontinence medication

We were of course very pleased with the results. However, we were not keen on her being on medication for life. Don’t get us wrong, if she needed medication then she would be on medication but we wanted to explore other options first.

We had one-month doses of tablets so after 3 weeks we started giving her the tablets every other day. The other days we gave her our maxxiUtract urinary and bladder support for dogs. 

During those two weeks there were no peeing accidents in the house so once the tablets were finished with just continued with a daily dose of maxxiUtract for dogs. We are happy to report that we continued to have both dry dog and dry house. As you can imagine we are delighted that she does not have to be on dog incontinence medication for life. 

Beautiful senior dog with bladder issues

After couple of months successfully on only maxxiUtract we decided to try to reduce it to every other day. However, after the first maxxiUtract free day we had the first real inhouse accident since this all started. We were watching the TV and Molly lay under the sofa as always but once we stood up there was a big puddle under here. She immediately went back on maxxiUtract and we have not had any recurrence since. 

We don’t know if we can control her leaking forever with only natural supplement. She is getting older and unfortunately things usually get worse not better. But we are grateful for every month that she does not have to take medication or not need daily medication (i.e. by mixing medication and natural supplement). 

We of course already believed in the effectiveness of our urinary system formula. We had thoroughly researched all the ingredients and developed it in co-operation with great nutritional experts. Still, it is very gratifying once you have a direct personal experience of its effectiveness. 

We have of course tested all our products on our dogs, e.g. for palatability. Fortunetly they do not need all our supplements on a daily basis. In those cases we have had some trusted friends with pets that need them to give us their unbiased honest feedback as well as our customers once the product has been launched for sale but our customers unbiased feedback is of course the most important ones. 

Still, it very satisfying once you have direct personal experience of using the product and we are very pleased that we had maxxiUtract already available once our beautiful senior girl needed it. 

It is working like a dry dream for her. No more wet nightmares! 

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Wet Nightmare
Asa Gislason
12 August, 2020
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