Change Your Life, Adopt a Shelter Pet
Rescue and be rescued
30 April, 2018 by
Change Your Life, Adopt a Shelter Pet
Asa Gislason

We at maxxipaws are proud supporters of adopting a shelter animal. Welcoming a pet into your home can fill your house with love and purpose. However, adopting a pet is also a huge commitment that can change your life, as it did for our founders’ when they adopted their eldest dog, Molly.  

Happy rescue dog

Molly was adopted from Dogs Trust, a rescue center in the United Kingdom in November 2009.  When they inquired about her age, they were told she was an 18-month old Spaniel and Border Collie mix. Little did anyone know at the time, Molly was also pregnant. On Christmas Eve later that year, Molly gave birth to eight healthy puppies. With the help of Dogs Trust, seven families in the area opened up their homes to adopt one of the puppies. And the last puppy, Tess, stayed at home with our founder and Molly.

Asa and Birgir, our founders, lives changed two times in just two short months. Their hearts were expanded, as were their lives, with the edition of nine dogs and seven new families. And then a few short years later, Molly and her struggle with joint pain helped direct Asa and Birgir to start maxxipaws.

All this week we will be celebrating shelter pets and giving tips about welcoming a new pet into your home! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for give-a-ways and join the conversation with us at #maxxiyourlife #adoptashelterpet.

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Change Your Life, Adopt a Shelter Pet
Asa Gislason
30 April, 2018
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