Giving Up Fireworks For Our Dogs
Because they are worth it
13 October, 2014 by
Giving Up Fireworks For Our Dogs
Asa Gislason

Like most (all) dogs, our dogs are not too keen on fireworks. Molly tends to bark and whine while Tess hides under tables and her ears totally "disappear".

This year, for the first time, we are giving them calming aid for dogs, i.e. to help them through the stressful days leading up to Bonfire Night (5th November).

We are very pleased with the results. Molly barked much less then she used to. She did bark when the first fireworks of the day went off but then tended to ignore them unless they were very close by. And when she barked she stopped much sooner than she used to, and there was almost no whining. With her being calmer, her daughter (Tess) was also much calmer.

Another thing that we found helpful was to allow Molly to look out of the window. Most dogs tend to hide under tables during firework displays but for some reason Molly is calmer if she can see what is going on. 

Calm dog watching fireworks

It's not that she enjoys watching the fireworks as Birgir is desperately hoping (he loves fireworks and his big sacrifice was giving them up when he got dogs). It's more likely to have to do with the fact that Molly is the dominant bitch and very protective of her family. Being able to see what is going on seems to relax her.

Whatever works for these darlings. It is worth trying out different things.  

New Year's Eve is just around the corner

Meaning this is the right time to start preparing your dog for the fireworks.

maxxicalm is a natural calming aid for dogs that can help dogs through events they find stressful, like firework displays. maxxicalm comes with a FREE eBook with tips how best to prepare your dog for big events like New Year’s Eve.

We have just had Bonfire Night in the UK and many of our customers found maxxicalm helped their dogs to relax. This is what few of our UK customers had to say:

"Certainly seems to be working! I wasn't quite certain of these but I thought it was worth a try to help our two dogs be calmer during the local firework season (it lasts from Halloween to the New Year!). The dogs have been taking them for 10 days now and they are much calmer with only the odd couple of woofs when there is a fizzy one. We will continue with the treatment until 2nd January and I have great hopes that it will be happier evenings from now on. I have and would recommend them" (Mr. R. Carey)

"My dog is very stressed by fireworks, thunderstorms and gale force winds so is constantly on edge during the firework season. Although she still reacted to the fireworks by panting and shaking quite badly, this behaviour didn't last as long as it normally does. Also she is far less anxious about strong winds and recovers much quicker after thunderstorms now and I genuinely believe this is all due to MaxxiCalm, which is a far better solution than using tranquilisers from the vet. I definitely recommend trying them" (Amazon Customer)

"These tablets are excellent. The dogs liked the taste and, combined with a thunder coat, fireworks night and the associated three weeks of fireworks passed with minimum stress" (Louise haschka)

You can find out more about maxxicalm and how natural calming aid works for dogs. 

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Giving Up Fireworks For Our Dogs
Asa Gislason
13 October, 2014
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