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Our supplements help you nurture a healthy, happy cat for your lives together

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maxxicalm MAXXISAME

Supports your cat where and when they need it most

As cats grow older, they can face many of the same age-related health conditions as humans. Our unique stabilized SAM-e powder boosts liver and cognitive functions while easing joint discomfort and improves mood at the same time.

While maxxiSAMe is hard at work within your beloved cat’s liver and brain, expect marked improvements in attitude, energy, and the behavior of your cat.


  • Proven support for liver and cognitive functions while easing joint discomfort
  • Boosted with additional valuable antioxidants and vitamins
  • Easy administration, can be given with food

maxxidigest for cats logo MAXXIDIGEST

Healthier gut means healthier cat

When the digestive tract becomes unbalanced, whether from stress, illness, improper diet, medication or surgery it can be a long path back to finding balance and proper function.

With maxxidigest+, our advanced therapeutic formula supports recovery for both digestive health and immune support, so that your cat can be back to tip top shape quickly and easily.

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  • Designed specifically for the unique digestive tracts of cats

  • Combines pre- and probiotics with antioxidants in one supplement

  • Safe to give alongside other medications, including antibiotics